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Official Full Name
Green Fluorescent Protein
Green fluorescence protein (GFP) is a 27 kDa protein derived from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria, which emits green light (emission peak at a wavelenth of 509 nm) when excited by blue light (excitation peak at a wavelenth of 395 nm). GFP has become an invaluable tool in cell biology research, since its intrinsic fluorescence can be visualized in living cells. GFP fluorescence is stable under fixation conditions and suitable for a variety of applications. GFP has been widely used as a reporter for gene expression, enabling researchers to visualize and localize GFP-tagged proteins within living cells without the need for chemical staining. Other applications of GFP include assessment of protein protein interactions through the yeast two hybrid system and measurement of distance between proteins through fluorescence energy transfer (FRET) protocols. GFP technnology has considerably contributed to a greater understanding of cellular physiology. YFP differs from GFP due to a mutation at T203Y; antibodies raised against full-length GFP should also detect YFP and other variants.
GFP; Green Fluorescent Protein

Cat.No. Product Name Price
CSC-RR0040GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-HEK293Inquriy
CSC-RR0043GFP-Puro Reporter Stable Cell Line-HEK293TInquriy
CSC-RR0044GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-A549Inquriy
CSC-RR0046GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-ES-2Inquriy
CSC-RR0047GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-HeLaInquriy
CSC-RR0048GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-MCF-7Inquriy
CSC-RR0057GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-NIH3T3Inquriy
CSC-RR0058GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-OVCA429Inquriy
CSC-RR0063GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-T47DInquriy
CSC-RR0064GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-ZR-75-1Inquriy
CSC-RR0065GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-HEK293Inquriy
CSC-RR0215GFP Reporter Cell Line-NCI-H1299Inquriy
CSC-RR0216GFP Reporter Cell Line-NCI-H661Inquriy
CSC-RR0217GFP Reporter Cell Line-NCI-H1975Inquriy
CSC-RR0218GFP Reporter Cell Line-AGSInquriy
CSC-RR0219GFP Reporter Cell Line-HCC70Inquriy
CSC-RR0248GFP Reporter Cell Line-A375Inquriy
CSC-RR0271GFP Reporter Cell Line-HT1080Inquriy
CSC-RR0280GFP Reporter Cell Line - SKBR3Inquriy
CSC-RR0281GFP Reporter Cell Line - COS-7Inquriy
CSC-RR0282GFP Reporter Cell Line - JurkatInquriy
CSC-RR0283GFP Reporter Cell Line - LS 174Inquriy
CSC-RR0284GFP Reporter Cell Line - PC-12Inquriy
CSC-RR0285GFP Reporter Cell Line - SK-LU-1Inquriy
CSC-RR0319GFP Reporter Cell Line-4T1.2Inquriy
CSC-RR0323POU5F1-GFP Reporter Cell Line-H9 hESCInquriy
CSC-RR0324TH-GFP Reporter Cell Line-H9 hESCInquriy
CSC-RR0325TNNT2-GFP Reporter Cell Line-H9 hESCInquriy
CSC-RR0326BEST1-GFP Reporter Cell Line-H9 hESCInquriy
CSC-RR0327GFP-ASGR1 Reporter Cell Line-H9 hESCInquriy
CSC-RR0330GFP Reporter Cell Line - B16 BL6Inquriy
CSC-RR0331GFP Reporter Cell Line - BPH-1Inquriy
CSC-RR0332GFP Reporter Cell Line - CAL-120Inquriy
CSC-RR0333GFP Reporter Cell Line - CAL-51Inquriy
CSC-RR0334GFP Reporter Cell Line - DV-90Inquriy
CSC-RR0335GFP Reporter Cell Line - HacatInquriy
CSC-RR0336GFP Reporter Cell Line - HCC78Inquriy
CSC-RR0337GFP Reporter Cell Line - HDQ-P1Inquriy
CSC-RR0338GFP Reporter Cell Line - HHUAInquriy
CSC-RR0339GFP Reporter Cell Line - HPAF-IIInquriy
CSC-RR0340GFP Reporter Cell Line - Huh7Inquriy
CSC-RR0341GFP Reporter Cell Line - KU-19-19Inquriy
CSC-RR0342GFP Reporter Cell Line - KYSE-150Inquriy
CSC-RR0343GFP Reporter Cell Line - KYSE-180Inquriy
CSC-RR0344GFP Reporter Cell Line - KYSE-520Inquriy
CSC-RR0345GFP Reporter Cell Line - LU65Inquriy
CSC-RR0346GFP Reporter Cell Line - MKN45Inquriy
CSC-RR0347GFP Reporter Cell Line - MKN74Inquriy
CSC-RR0348GFP Reporter Cell Line - OC 316Inquriy
CSC-RR0349GFP Reporter Cell Line - PA-TU-8902Inquriy
CSC-RR0350GFP Reporter Cell Line - PA-TU-8988SInquriy
CSC-RR0351GFP Reporter Cell Line - PA-TU-8988TInquriy
CSC-RR0352GFP Reporter Cell Line - RT-112Inquriy
CSC-RR0353GFP Reporter Cell Line - SK-MEL-30Inquriy
CSC-RR0354GFP Reporter Cell Line - SNB-19Inquriy
CSC-RR0359GFP Reporter Cell Line - LL/2Inquriy
CSC-RR0363GFP Reporter Cell Line - Hepa1-6Inquriy
CSC-RR0367GFP Reporter Cell Line - C1498Inquriy
CSC-RR0410GFP Labelled Human Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0411GFP Labelled Mouse (Balb/c) Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0412GFP Labelled Mouse (C57BL/6) Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0413GFP Labelled Rat (F344) Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0414GFP Labelled Rat (SD) Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0415GFP Labelled Dog Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0416GFP Labelled Mouse (C57BL/6) Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0420GFP Labelled Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0421GFP Labelled Human Umbilical Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0424GFP Labelled Mouse (129) Embryonic Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0425GFP Labelled Mouse (C57BL/6) Embryonic Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0426GFP Labelled Mouse (C57BL/6) Neural Stem CellInquriy
CSC-RR0453HIV-1 GFP Reporter Cell Line - A3R5Inquriy
CSC-RR0456HIV-1 GFP Reporter Cell Line - CEMInquriy
CSC-RR0466GFP Reporter Cell Line - CHO-SInquriy
CSC-RR0470GFP Reporter Cell Line - K562Inquriy
CSC-RR0485GFP Reporter Cell Line - LOVOInquriy
Cat.No. Product Name Price
AAV00022ZGFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 1)Inquriy
AAV00025ZGFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 2)Inquriy
AAV00029ZGFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 5)Inquriy
AAV00033ZGFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 6)Inquriy
AAV00038ZGFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 8)Inquriy
AAV00041ZGFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 9)Inquriy
AAV00049ZCAG-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 1)Inquriy
AAV00051ZCAG-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 2)Inquriy
AAV00053ZCAG-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 5)Inquriy
AAV00055ZCAG-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 6)Inquriy
AAV00057ZCAG-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 8)Inquriy
AAV00059ZCAG-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 9)Inquriy
AAV00061ZCre-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 1)Inquriy
AAV00062ZCre-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 2)Inquriy
AAV00063ZCre-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 5)Inquriy
AAV00064ZCre-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 6)Inquriy
AAV00065ZCre-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 8)Inquriy
AAV00066ZCre-GFP Adeno-associated virus(AAV Serotype 9)Inquriy
AD00003ZGFP adenoviral particlesInquriy
AD00281ZHuman GFP adenoviral particlesInquriy
AD00294ZHuman Cre-GFP adenoviral particlesInquriy
AD00323ZmMKOS-GFP adenovirusInquriy
AD00327ZcRel-GFP adenovirusInquriy
AD00384ZU6-shRNA-GFP adenovirusInquriy
AD00385ZU6-shRNA-RFP adenovirusInquriy
AD00400ZU6-Blank-GFP adenovirusInquriy
AD00401ZU6-Blank-RFP adenovirusInquriy
LV00006ZGFP lentiviral particlesInquriy
LV00926ZCMV-GFP lentiviral particlesInquriy
LV00938ZEF1A-GFP lentiviral particlesInquriy
LV00954LInducible tet-on GFP lentivirusInquriy
LV00991Lheat inducible GFP lentivirusInquriy
LV00992LInducible tet-on GFP lentivirusInquriy
LV00993LOct4-GFP lentivirusInquriy
LV00996LPGK-GFP lentivirusInquriy
LV01004LOct4-GFP lentivirusInquriy

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