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Therapeutic Disease Product Panels - Stable Cell Lines / Viral Particles / Clones

Therapeutic Disease Product Panels - Stable Cell Lines / Viral Particles / Clones

Creative Biogene offers a variety of products including stable cell lines, viral particles and clones.

Stable cell lines are good in vitro models for target-based drug screening and development. Creative Biogene aims to facilitate your in vitro drug discovery projects and offers a comprehensive portfolio of stable cell lines to support your cell-based drug screening and profiling programs. Our portfolio of stable cell lines encompass overexpression / knockout / knockdown cells, and covers almost all major target classes, for example, G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels, membrane transporters, kinases, proteases, nuclear hormone receptors (NHRs) and so on. To better meet the demand of cell-based drug discovery, our functional stable cell lines are well-qualified through various types of cell assays which includes cAMP assay, calcium assay, manual patch clamp, auto patch clamp, enzyme complementation, reporter gene assay, FACS etc. According to the nature of the target, each functional cell line are validated by one or more assays to make sure that they can work properly in monitoring target activities in the process of screening.

Viral particles and clones are useful tools for genetic material delivery. Creative Biogene has generated a large collection of lentiviruses, adenoviruses, AAVs, cDNA clones, shRNA clones, miRNA clones, 3’UTR clones. We promise that all these products are well-qualified before delivery.

Scientists at Creative Biogene have summarized some of human gene targets that involved in different disease research areas. Find products that can help your research programs in the following therapeutic and disease areas.

Therapeutic Disease AreasProduct Panels
Stable Cell Lines / Viral Particles / Clones
Auditory and Otology ResearchGPCRKinase  
Cancer ResearchGPCRKinaseNHROthers
Cardiovascular ResearchGPCRKinaseNHROthers
CNS ResearchGPCRKinaseNHROthers
Dermatology ResearchGPCRKinase Others
Digestive and Renal ResearchGPCRKinaseNHROthers
Inflammation ResearchGPCRKinaseNHROthers
Metabolic ResearchGPCRKinase Others
Ocular ResearchGPCRKinase Others
Pain and Addiction ResearchGPCRKinaseNHROthers
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ResearchGPCRKinaseNHROthers
Reproductive ResearchGPCRKinaseNHR 
Respiratory ResearchGPCRKinase Others

Abbreviations: GPCR: G Protein-Coupled Receptor, NHR: Nuclear Hormone Receptor, CNS: Central Nervous System.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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