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STAT Reporter Cell Line - Tool for Screening of Drugs Targeting JAK/STAT Pathway

Signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) protein is a family of transcription factors that exert functions in many cellular activities when phosphorylated by membrane receptor-associated Janus kinases (JAK). The phosphorylated STAT protein is then transported to the nucleus after dimerization, and activates target gene transcription by binding to gamma-activated sites (GAS) motif in the promoter region. Seven mammalian STAT members have been identified, including STAT1, STAT2, STAT3, STAT4, STAT5 and STAT6.

JAK/STAT pathway Figure 1. JAK/STAT pathway

Several studies have provided evidence that STAT proteins are closely related with many human cancers. They are found to be dysregulated, leading to increased angiogenesis to enhances cancer cell survival and immunosuppression. Thus, as promising targets for anti-cancer treatment, it is crucial to develop efficient assay systems that could be used to screen compounds targeting STATs in a simple way.

Reporter cell lines have been widely used in cell-based assays for screening of drug candidates. These cell lines are generally engineered to contain tandem repeats of response elements of a specific target, followed by a reporter gene (e.g., luciferase encoding gene) under the control of a basal promoter. By observing the variation of the reporter signal, it is a simple way to monitor whether the specific target is stimulated or inhibited by agonist or antagonist treatment.

Creative Biogene owns expert team and experience in developing reporter cell lines. So far, our portfolio covers major STAT pathway reporter cell lines. These cell lines contain STAT response element that controls reporter gene expression, and can be used to study stimulation or inhibition of STAT transcription factors. Functional activity of each cell line has been verified by treatment of corresponding cytokines such as IL-3, IFNs etc.

Table 1. Available STAT Reporter Cell Lines

Cat. No. Pathway Reporter Host Cell


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