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Biological Pathway Product Panels

Biological Pathway Product Panels

Gene families or biological pathways usually contain arrayed genes. Many of these molecules have been identified as essential mediators of signal transduction in various cellular processes, even some of those initially thought to be simple intermediates. Increasing demand in loss-of-function screens has warranted the need of pathway-related products. To enable better understanding of the role of genes in basic biological pathways, Creative Biogene has developed a variety of biological pathway-product panels including stable cell lines, viral particles and clones.

We have overexpressed/knockout a number of key genes involved in cellular processes. Our pathway-related cell products harbor the expected phenotype(s) for your functional studies. Investigation of entire gene families or biological pathways is enabled by our arrayed pathway-related cell products. Creative Biogene has the most extensive collection of cell lines stably expressing or knockout functional cell pathways, including apoptosis, cell cycle, DNA damage and others. These cell lines are carefully selected for optimal performance thus ensuring a high level of accuracy and precision in the assays. Our experienced scientists will provide researchers with extensively optimized and validated pathway-related stable cell lines for your functional experiments.

The pathway-related particles and clones can accelerate genome engineering efforts in biopharmaceutical research and drug discovery. Creative Biogene has generated a large collection of lentiviruses, adenoviruses, AAVs, cDNA clones, shRNA clones, miRNA clones and 3’UTR clones. They can help your research programs in your basic biological pathways or cellular processes studying.

Biological Pathway Product Panels

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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