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Y2H cDNA Library Screening Service

A key property of complex biological systems is the presence of interaction networks formed by its different components, primarily proteins. These are crucial for all levels of cellular function, including architecture, metabolism and signaling, as well as the availability of cellular energy. Charting the interactions among proteins is essential for understanding biological processes. While a number of complementary technologies for detecting protein interactions are available, the yeast two-hybrid system is one of the few that have been successfully scaled up. Yeast two-hybrid screens have been used to construct extensive protein interaction maps for humans and several model organisms, and these maps have proven invaluable for studies on a variety of biological systems.

The classical yeast two-hybrid system. Figure 1. The classical yeast two-hybrid system.[1]

Yeast two-hybrid screening is a molecular biology technique used to discover protein-protein interactions by testing for physical interactions (such as binding) between two proteins. This technique allows detection of interacting proteins in living yeast cells. As described in many references, interaction between two proteins, called bait and prey, activates reporter genes that enable growth on specific media or a color reaction. The classical approach for yeast two-hybrid screening is Y2H cDNA library screening. The Y2H cDNA library screening searches for pairwise interactions between defined proteins of interest (bait) and their interaction partners (preys) present in cDNA libraries or sub-pools of libraries.

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