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PV-Based ELISA-Like Diagnosis

-What is PV-based ELISA?

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assay (ELISA) has been regarded as the most widely applied analytical assays. Comparing to conventional methods such as Western blotting, ELISA is more rapid and convenient since no fractionation of tested material via electrophoresis is required. The baseline mechanism of ELISA target proteins 'capturing' using their direct antibodies mounted on solid surfaces as 'hooks'. Outcome is then visualized using secondary antibodies linked to reporter proteins which are normally fluorescent proteins.

In contrast to conventional ELISA-based detection where viable viral particles are required for capturing antibody production, PV-based diagnostic technologies have optimized manufacturing process for better contamination control through application of non-virulent, customized PVs in replacement of live viruses.

-What can ELISA-based assays be applied to in clinical diagnosis?

Unlike conventional ELISA-based assays, PV-based ELISA diagnosis offered by Creative Biogene applies PV constructs to the antibody preparation as a safer and easier to handle alternative to traditional methods involving viable viruses. PVs are assembled using viral membrane proteins for antibody production. The proteins are then packaged with viral RNA linked to Luciferase as reporter. Together, the contents are assembled into capsid of HIV-1 for a completed PV construct. Outcome is determined by bio-luminescence levels.

Another application of PVs in ELISA-based assays is positive control for intended disease. By precisely replicating viral membrane protein composition as well as distribution, PV offers promising solution to issues of existing approaches such as standardization, shelf-life and safety.

-Why choose Creative Biogene?

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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.