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As one of the leading biotechnology company in the world, Creative Biogene has the ability to develop and optimize customized biocatalysts to suit your industrial applications. Creative Biogene possesses sophisticated equipments, extensive expertise and highly experienced staffs which can help you carry out your specific project as cost effectively, quickly and simply as possible, without compromising on quality. Besides, with the help of our expertise scientists, Creative Biogene can provide you with the most affordable service to ensure your satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.

Biocatalysts are bioactive substances produced by organisms that are used for their own metabolism and for the maintenance of their activities. The industrial biocatalysts are the floorboard of free or immobilized enzyme/living cells. Thanks to the advantages of biocatalysis such as high efficiency, high degree of selectivity (regio-, chemo-, and enantio-), and “green” reaction conditions, biocatalysts have been introduced into industrial products and process, such as using as additives in detergent industry and feed industry, applied in the food industry to improve viscoelastic properties or flavors of the products, etc.


With the growth of biocatalysts in industrial demand, naturally occurring biocatalysts cannot optimize for practical applications due to the difference between the cellular environment and the industrial setting. New biocatalysts which have improved critical traits such as thermostability, activity, selectivity, and tolerance towards organic solvents for industrial applications are needed. As one of the leading biotechnology service vendor in the world Creative Biogene can help customers worldwide to construct modified microorganisms which can produce improved biocatalysts to suit your industrial applications.

Creative Biogene, a leading biotechnology company, has years of professional and abundant experience, mature operating platform can provide you with most affordable and high-quality service to satisfy your demand for industrial biocatalysts. Creative Biogene has confidence in speeding your specific project and delivering the final products with fast turnaround time.


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