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Baculovirus Service

Creative Biogene is a biotechnology company specializing in custom baculovirus production service.


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Baculovirus Service

Baculovirus Service

Creative Biogene is a biotechnology company specializing in custom baculovirus production service. Creative Biogene's sophisticated equipments, advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs are available to assist in all aspects of baculovirus transfer vector construction, recombinant bacmid DNA preparation, as well as the generation of the baculovirus in high titer. With years of experience in research of baculovirus, Creative Biogene can provide unmatched baculovirus service with fastest turnaround time to customers worldwide.

Baculoviruses are arthropod-specific viruses containing large double-stranded circular DNA genomes of 80,000–180,000 bp. In recent years, they have been utilized for producing complex eukaryotic proteins in insect cell cultures. There are several benefits of using baculovirus to express target protein, such as the virus being able to package large inserts, ability of post-translational modifications, enhanced protein folding and function, high expression levels and safety. Creative Biogene offers a wide range of baculovirus services to meet your needs. Creative Biogene can provide you with the best research materials and support in the baculovirus field.


  1. Baculovirus-mediated foreign gene expression in insect cells
  2. Eukaryotic protein processing, such as protein folding, glycosylation, phosphorylation, acetylation and acylation
  3. Transient transgene expression
  4. Large scale protein expression

Baculovirus Service


  1. Capability - We can cover all aspects of your project from gene synthesis, cloning, virus packaging and virus amplification.
  2. Flexibility - Each aspect of our services is tailored to fit your specific project.
  3. Value - We focus on the quality of our service and all supported by competitive pricing and fastest turnaround time.

The Service includes

Baculovirus Service

Creative Biogene offers custom baculovirus construction services for your scientific research as follows:

  1. Gene synthesis or subcloning of customer’s DNA into baculovirus transfer vector
  2. Generation of recombinant bacmid DNA
  3. Transfection of insect cells with bacmid DNA
  4. Generation of P1 stock(low titer)
  5. Amplification of high titer recombinant baculovirus stock (P2)


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