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Official Full Name
tRNA methyltransferase 11-2 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a species of yeast. It is perhaps the most useful yeast, having been instrumental to winemaking, baking, and brewing since ancient times. It is believed that it was originally isolated from the skin of grapes (one can see the yeast as a component of the thin white film on the skins of some dark-color fruits such as plums; it exists among the waxes of the cuticle). It is one of the most intensively studied eukaryotic model organisms in molecular and cell biology, much like Escherichia coli as the model bacterium. It is the microorganism behind the most common type of fermentation. S. cerevisiae cells are round to ovoid, 5–10 micrometres in diameter. It reproduces by a division process known as budding.
TRMT112; tRNA methyltransferase 11-2 homolog (S. cerevisiae); TRM112; HSPC152; HSPC170; TRMT11-2; tRNA methyltransferase 112 homolog; OTTHUMP00000237051; OTTHUMP00000237052; OTTHUMP00000237053; OTTHUMP00000237320; TRM112-like protein; zgc:110652

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