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Official Full Name
NOP14 nucleolar protein
NOP14 plays a role in the processing of the pre-18S rRNA and small ribosomal subunit assembly (Liu and Thiele, 2001;(PubMed 11694595)).
NOP14; NOP14 nucleolar protein homolog (yeast); C4orf9, chromosome 4 open reading frame 9 , NOL14, nucleolar protein 14 , nucleolar protein 14 homolog (yeast); nucleolar protein 14; NOP14 homolog (S. cerevisiae); RES4 25; UTP2; C4orf9; chromosome 4 open reading frame 9; NOL14; NOP 14; Nucleolar complex protein 14; Nucleolar protein 14 homolog; RES425; NOP14 homolog; probable nucleolar complex protein 14; RES4-25; cb168; sb:cb168; zgc:92141; Nop14-like; ik:tdsubc_1a2; xx:tdsubc_1a2; unm hi63; un-named hi63

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