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Official Full Name
multimerin 1
Multimerin is a massive, soluble protein found in platelets and in the endothelium of blood vessels.It is comprised of subunits linked by interchain disulfide bonds to form large, variably sized homomultimers.Multimerin is a factor V/Va-binding protein and may function as a carrier protein for platelet factor V.It may also have functions as an extracellular matrix or adhesive protein.Recently, patients with an unusual autosomal-dominant bleeding disorder (factor V Quebec) were found to have a deficiency of platelet multimerin.
MMRN1; multimerin 1; MMRN, multimerin; multimerin-1; ECM; EMILIN4; glycoprotein Ia*; GPIa*; Elastin microfibril interface located protein 4; Elastin microfibril interfacer 4; EMILIN 4; Endothelial cell multimerin 1; GlycoproteinIa*; MMRN 1; MMRN; Multimerin1; EMILIN-4; OTTHUMP00000161558; OTTHUMP00000219844; endothelial cell multimerin; ECM, MMRN, GPIa*, EMILIN4

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