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Official Full Name
melanoma antigen family A, 2
This gene is a member of the MAGEA gene family. The members of this family encode proteins with 50 to 80% sequence identity to each other. The promoters and first exons of the MAGEA genes show considerable variability, suggesting that the existence of this gene family enables the same function to be expressed under different transcriptional controls. The MAGEA genes are clustered at chromosomal location Xq28. They have been implicated in some hereditary disorders, such as dyskeratosis congenita. This gene has two identical copies at different loci. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding the same protein have been identified for this gene.
MAGEA2; melanoma antigen family A, 2; MAGE2; melanoma-associated antigen 2; cancer/testis antigen family 1; member 2; CT1.2; MAGEA2A; MAGE-2 antigen; melanoma antigen 2; cancer/testis antigen 1.2; cancer/testis antigen family 1, member 2; MAGEA2B; MGC1319; MGC131923

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