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Official Full Name
glutathione S-transferase alpha 2
Cytosolic and membrane-bound forms of glutathione S-transferase are encoded by two distinct supergene families. These enzymes function in the detoxification of electrophilic compounds, including carcinogens, therapeutic drugs, environmental toxins and products of oxidative stress, by conjugation with glutathione. The genes encoding these enzymes are known to be highly polymorphic. These genetic variations can change an individuals susceptibility to carcinogens and toxins as well as affect the toxicity and efficacy of some drugs. At present, eight distinct classes of the soluble cytoplasmic mammalian glutathione S-transferases have been identified: alpha, kappa, mu, omega, pi, sigma, theta and zeta. This gene encodes a glutathione S-tranferase belonging to the alpha class. The alpha class genes, located in a cluster mapped to chromosome 6, are the most abundantly expressed glutathione S-transferases in liver. In addition to metabolizing bilirubin and certain anti-cancer drugs in the liver, the alpha class of these enzymes exhibit glutathione peroxidase activity thereby protecting the cells from reactive oxygen species and the products of peroxidation.
GSTA2; glutathione S-transferase alpha 2; glutathione S transferase A2 , GST2; glutathione S-transferase A2; EC; Glutathione S transferase 2; Glutathione S transferase A2; Glutathione S-alkyltransferase A2; Glutathione S-aralkyltransferase A2; Glutathione S-aryltransferase A2; Glutathione S-transferase GT41A; Glutathione S-transferase Ya-2; Glutathione S-transferase, alpha 2 (Yc2); GST 1b-1b; GST A2-2; GST class alpha member 2; GST gamma; GST Ya2; GST, class alpha, 2; GST2; Gst2-2; GSTA2 2; GSTA2-2; Gstc-2; Gstc2; GTA2; GTH2; HA subunit 2; Liver GST2; MGC10525; OTTHUMP00000017883; S-(hydroxyalkyl)glutathione lyase A2; GST-gamma; GST HA subunit 2; GST class-alpha member 2

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