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Official Full Name
fibulin 1
Fibulin 1 is a secreted glycoprotein that becomes incorporated into a fibrillar extracellular matrix. Calcium-binding is apparently required to mediate its binding to laminin and nidogen. It mediates platelet adhesion via binding fibrinogen. Four splice variants which differ in the 3 end have been identified. Each variant encodes a different isoform, but no functional distinctions have been identified among the four variants.
FBLN1; fibulin 1; fibulin-1; FBLN; Basement membrane protein 90; BM 90; FBLN1_HUMAN; FIBL 1; FIBL-1; FIBL1; OTTHUMP00000199864; OTTHUMP00000199865; OTTHUMP00000199866; OTTHUMP00000199867; OTTHUMP00000214005; fbln1c; fbln1d; wu:fc52c06; fibulin 1C; fibulin 1D

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