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Official Full Name
chemokine-like receptor 1
Activating CMKLR1 by an agonist mobilizes intracellular calcium and causes the activation of several other signaling cascades like the ERK1 and NF-κB. Initial studies of CMKLR1 suggested that it might have a role in the inflammatory pathways. Its cognate ligand, chemerin was found in joint aspirate from rheumatoid arthritis and absent in aspirate from degenerative arthritis. CMKLR1 expression by plasmacytoid dendritic cells and macrophages also helped foster this idea. In vitro chemotaxis assays showed it to be utilized in attracting these cells. As a adipokine receptor it has a role in adipogenesis and adipocyte maturation.It seems also to have a role in peripheral insulin resistance.
CMKLR1; chemokine-like receptor 1; chemokine receptor-like 1; G-protein coupled receptor DEZ; G-protein coupled receptor ChemR23; orphan G-protein coupled receptor, Dez; DEZ; ChemR23; CHEMERINR; MGC126105; MGC126106; si:ch211-240b21.3

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