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Official Full Name
Mus musculus C-type lectin domain family 10, member A DNA.
ASGPR/MGL (asialoglycoprotein / macrophage galactose lectin receptor) / CD301 is a Ca2+ dependent type II transmembrane lectin. Immunoprecipitation from DCs using anti-DC-ASGPR Monoclonal Antibody yields a major 40-kDa protein. ASGPR mRNA is observed predominantly in immune tissues (DCs and granulocytes), but not in T, B, or NK cells, or monocytes. ASGPR species are restricted to the CD14- derived DCs obtained from CD34+ progenitors, while absent from the CD1a-derived subset. Accordingly, both monocyte-derived DCs and tonsillar interstitial-type DCs express ASGPR protein, while Langerhans-type cells do not. ASGPR is a feature of immaturity, as its expression is lost upon CD40L activation. In agreement with the presence of tyrosine-based and dileucine motifs in the intracytoplasmic domain, Monoclonal Antibody against DC-ASGPR is rapidly internalized by DCs at 37°C. Finally, intracellular ASGPR is localized in early endosomes, suggesting that the receptor recycles to the cell surface following internalization of ligand. ASGPR/HML is a feature of immature DCs and a subtype of macrophages, and likely important for the specialized antigen-capture function of DCs.
HML; MGL; HML2; CD301; CLECSF13; CLECSF14; C-type lectin domain family 10 member A; macrophage lectin 2 (calcium dependent); C-type (calcium dependent, carbohydrate-recognition domain) lectin, superfamily member 13 (macrophage-derived); C-type (calcium dependent, carbohydrate-recognition domain) lectin, superfamily member 14 (macrophage-derived); CD301 antigen; CLEC10A; C-type lectin superfamily member 14; Macrophage lectin 2; macrophage C-type lectin; C-type lectin domain family 10, member A; C type (calcium dependent, carbohydrate recognition domain) lectin, superfamily member 14 (macrophage derived) , CLECSF13, CLECSF14; Mgl1; CD301a

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