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Easy™ Endotoxin Removal Kit

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Easy™ Endotoxin Removal Kit

Endotoxin is the major cell wall component of Gram-negative bacteria. It is a major contaminant found in biologically active substances. Endotoxin detection test is one of the most critical quality control tests required by the FDA for all drugs in their final formulation. In vitro, it can introduce a bias in experiments involving cells sensitive to LPS. Therefore, it is crucial to remove endotoxin from human and animal parenteral drugs, biological products, and medical devices.

Creative Biogene offers Easy™ endotoxin removal kit for your research. Our endotoxin removal kit can provide you a simple, rapid and reliable assay to remove the presence of endotoxin in virtually all biological samples, including particulate compounds, such as vaccine adjuvants, proteins, peptides, antibodies and DNA/RNA etc. The kit will facilitate your endotoxin removal process with a high binding capacity (> 2,000,000 EU/ml) and high removal efficiency (> 99.99%* of LPS).

Prepacked column Regeneration buffer Eqilibration buffer
EasyTM Endotoxin Removal Kit (ERK-01) 1.5 ml column 125 ml 125 ml

Key Features

  1. High binding capacity: > 2,000,000 EU/ml.
  2. High stability and high removal efficiency: > 99.99% of LPS.
  3. Reduce endotoxin levels to 0.1 EU/ml or less.
  4. Quick and easy to use without any constant speed pump (gravity flow).
  5. Reusable more than 5 times if properly regenerated.
  6. Ready-to-use reagents and materials, such as equilibration buffer, collection tubes, etc.
LPS binding capacity > 2,000,000 EU/ml resin
Reusability More than 5 times
Ligand Modified PMB (Polymixin B)
Equilibration Buffer Phosphate Buffer
pH Stability pH 5 -10
Sample Type Proteins, Peptides, Antibodies, Polysaccharide, Plasmid DNA

Products List

Product NameCat.No.DescriptionSample TypeHigh EfficiencyEasy ManipulationPrice
Easy™ Endotoxin Removal KitERK-01Creative Biogene's Easy™ Endotoxin Removal Kit is an efficient endotoxin removal tool. The final endotoxin level can be reduced below 0.1 EU/ml with repeated use of Easy™ Endotoxin Removal resin. The kit can be used to remove endotoxin from proteins, peptides, antibodies, or even DNA samples.proteins, peptides, antibodies, DNA samples, vaccines, buffers and cell extracts Reduce endotoxin levels to 0.1 EU/ml or lessQuick and easy to use in prepacked columnInquiry