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Vitamins Fermentation

Vitamins, defined as essential micronutrients required in trace quantities that cannot be synthesized by mammals, are essential for the metabolism of all living organisms and are synthesized by plants or microorganisms. In addition to their in vivo nutritional-physiological roles as growth factors for men, animals, plants and microorganisms, vitamins are now increasingly being introduced as food/feed additives, as health aids, as medical-therapeutic agents, and also as technical aids. Today, many processed feeds, foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics contain extraneously added vitamins or vitamin-related compounds. Most of the vitamins are industrially produced and widely used in pharmaceuticals, foods and cosmetics.

Currently, few of the vitamins are exclusively produced by chemical synthesis, while a few others are produced either by chemical synthesis or via extraction processes. These processes are energy-intensive and also suffer from the high cost of waste disposal. This has led to increased interest in substituting these processes with biotechnological processes. Microbial production is commercially feasible for several vitamins, such as vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. Fermentation technologies provide an alternative to chemical processes in the production of wide range vitamins from microbes. Different methods like mutation and screening, genetic engineering, media optimization and biocatalyst conversion have been used for the improvement of the production of vitamins.

As a global leader, Microbiosci specializes in providing comprehensive and advanced vitamin fermentation technologies. By employing modern techniques of genetic engineering, vitamin production can be enhanced. We can accelerate your research by providing various vitamins fermentation services, please browse our vitamins fermentation technology collection to find your desired one. Microbiosci can also provide custom vitamin fermentation services. Tell us about your project and we will be glad to help!

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