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Amino Acid Fermentation

Amino acids are used in many industrial applications as bulk biochemical to produce a wide range of products such as flavor enhancers in human nutrition, animal feed additives or as ingredients in medical and cosmetic products. Besides the amino acids important role as intermediates as building blocks of proteins, they are involved in the regulation of key metabolic pathways and processes that are critical for the growth and maintenance of organisms. In particular, they promote health by several actions, including maximizing the efficiency of food utilization, regulating muscle protein metabolism, reducing the adiposity and controlling the growth and immunity of the organism. Therefore, the interest in investigating and developing new routes to produce them in a more cost-effective and sustainable way has significantly increased in the last years.

Due to economic and environmental advantages as well as to the development of new genetic engineering techniques, the fermentation is the most used process at industrial scale. Several studies involving mutagenesis and metabolic engineering approaches have been applied to aim to improve amino acid producing strains and thereby enhance amino acid productivity and expand the spectrum of products and feedstocks for fermentation. Moreover, optimization of the downstream processing is crucial to reduce the production cost. The creation of microbial strains with improved amino acid productivity and lower by-product formation is essential to reduce the purification costs.

As a global leader, Microbiosci specializes in providing comprehensive and advanced amino acid fermentation technologies. Microbiosci has successfully been using an expanded downstream process for the past ten years. It has led to significant improvements in product yields, productivity, production costs, and environmental performance. In the expanded downstream process a continuous chromatography process separates the amino acids from the fermentation broth with high selectivity. Thereby it increases product yields.

Microbiosci can accelerate your research by providing various amino acid fermentation services, please browse our amino acid fermentation technology collection to find your desired one. Microbiosci can also provide custom amino acid fermentation services. Tell us about your project and we will be glad to help!

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