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Official Full Name
retinoic acid receptor, alpha
This gene represents a nuclear retinoic acid receptor. The encoded protein, retinoic acid receptor alpha, regulates transcription in a ligand-dependent manner. This gene has been implicated in regulation of development, differentiation, apoptosis, granulopoeisis, and transcription of clock genes. Translocations between this locus and several other loci have been associated with acute promyelocytic leukemia. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been found for this locus.
RARA; retinoic acid receptor, alpha; retinoic acid receptor alpha; NR1B1; RAR; RAR-alpha; retinoic acid receptor, alpha polypeptide; nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group B member 1; retinoic acid nuclear receptor alpha variant 1; retinoic acid nuclear recep; retinoic acid nuclear receptor alpha variant 2; nucleophosmin-retinoic acid receptor alpha fusion protein NPM-RAR long form; RAR-ALPHA1; retinoic acid receptor alpha 1 isoform; RARALPHA

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