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Official Full Name
RAN binding protein 1
Ran/TC4-binding protein, RanBP1, interacts specifically with GTP-charged RAN. RANBP1 encodes a 23-kD protein that binds to RAN complexed with GTP but not GDP. RANBP1 does not activate GTPase activity of RAN but does markedly increase GTP hydrolysis by the RanGTPase-activating protein (RanGAP1). The RANBP1 cDNA encodes a 201-amino acid protein that is 92% similar to its mouse homolog. In both mammalian cells and in yeast, RANBP1 acts as a negative regulator of RCC1 by inhibiting RCC1-stimulated guanine nucleotide release from RAN.
RANBP1; RAN binding protein 1; ran-specific GTPase-activating protein; HTF9A; Ran specific GTPase activating protein; Ran-binding protein 1; RANG_HUMAN; OTTHUMP00000197515; OTTHUMP00000197594; OTTHUMP00000198444; OTTHUMP00000209649; zeh1094; zgc:85649; hm:zeh1094; wu:fa96a09; wu:fj39g07

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