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Official Full Name
reticulon 4
This gene belongs to the family of reticulon encoding genes. Reticulons are associated with the endoplasmic reticulum, and are involved in neuroendocrine secretion or in membrane trafficking in neuroendocrine cells. The product of this gene is a potent neurite outgrowth inhibitor which may also help block the regeneration of the central nervous system in higher vertebrates. Alternatively spliced transcript variants derived both from differential splicing and differential promoter usage and encoding different isoforms have been identified. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
RTN4; reticulon 4; ASY; NSP; NOGO; NOGOC; RTN-X; NOGO-A; NSP-CL; Nogo-B; Nogo-C; RTN4-A; RTN4-C; RTN4-B1; RTN4-B2; NI220/250; Nbla00271; Nbla10545; reticulon-4; foocen; Human NogoA; reticulon 5; My043 protein; neurite outgrowth inhibitor; neurite growth inhibitor 220; neuroendocrine-specific protein C homolog; KIAA0886; NSP CL; RTN4 Nbla10545

Cat.No. Product Name Price
CLKO-0973RTN4 KO Cell Lysate-HEK293TInquriy
CLKO-1021RTN4 KO Cell Lysate-HEK293TInquriy
Cat.No. Product Name Price
CDCB160114Human RTN4 ORF clone (BC001035)Inquriy
CDCB165136Chicken RTN4 ORF Clone (NM_001277087)Inquriy
CDCB194529Rabbit RTN4 ORF clone (XM_008254398.1)Inquriy
CDCH076238human RTN4 ORF clone (NM_020532.4)Inquriy
CDCR256496Mouse Rtn4 ORF Clone(NM_024226.4)Inquriy
CDCR276100Mouse Rtn4 ORF Clone(NM_194051.3)Inquriy
CDCR276102Mouse Rtn4 ORF Clone(NM_194052.3)Inquriy
CDCR276104Mouse Rtn4 ORF Clone(NM_194053.3)Inquriy
CDCR276106Mouse Rtn4 ORF Clone(NM_194054.3)Inquriy
CDCR294183Human RTN4 ORF Clone(NM_007008.2)Inquriy
CDCR320896Human RTN4 ORF Clone(NM_153828.2)Inquriy
CDCR328215Human RTN4 ORF Clone(NM_207520.1)Inquriy
CDCR328217Human RTN4 ORF Clone(NM_207521.1)Inquriy
CDCR379974Rat Rtn4 ORF Clone(NM_031831.1)Inquriy
CDCS413024Human RTN4 ORF Clone (BC001035)Inquriy
CDCS413025Human RTN4 ORF Clone (BC071848)Inquriy
CDCS413026Human RTN4 ORF Clone (BC012619)Inquriy
CDFG002398Human RTN4 cDNA Clone(NM_020532.4)Inquriy
CDFG010251Human RTN4 cDNA Clone(NM_153828.2)Inquriy
CDFG013881Human RTN4 cDNA Clone(NM_207520.1)Inquriy
CDFG013882Human RTN4 cDNA Clone(NM_207521.1)Inquriy
CDFH016774Human RTN4 cDNA Clone(NM_007008.2)Inquriy
CDFL011822Mouse Rtn4 cDNA Clone(NM_024226.4)Inquriy
CDFL011823Mouse Rtn4 cDNA Clone(NM_194051.3)Inquriy
CDFL011824Mouse Rtn4 cDNA Clone(NM_194052.3)Inquriy
CDFL011825Mouse Rtn4 cDNA Clone(NM_194053.3)Inquriy
CDFL011826Mouse Rtn4 cDNA Clone(NM_194054.3)Inquriy
CDFR012960Rat Rtn4 cDNA Clone(NM_031831.1)Inquriy
MiUTR1H-09065RTN4 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-09066RTN4 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-09067RTN4 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-09068RTN4 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-09069RTN4 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1R-07137RTN4 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy

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