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Official Full Name
prostaglandin E synthase
Prostaglandin E synthase-1 (PGE synthase-1) catalyzes the isomerization of PGH2 to PGE2. PGE2 is one of the primary cyclooxygenase products of arachidonic acid and one of the most widely investigated prostaglandins. Its activity influences inflammation, fertility and parturition, gastric mucosal integrity, and immune modulation. PGE synthase-1 is a 16 kDa membrane associated protein with glutathione-dependent activity. The mRNA for PGE synthase-1 is expressed in a variety of tissues including prostate, testes, and small intestine as well as in A549 and HeLa cells. PGE synthase-1 protein expression is increased in A549 cells following treatment with IL-1β.
PTGES; prostaglandin E synthase; MGST1L1; glutathione S transferase 1 like 1; MGST IV; MGST1 L1; MGST1 like 1; microsomal glutathione S transferase 1 like 1; microsomal prostaglandin E synthase 1; p53 induced gene 12; PIG12; TP53I12; tumor protein p53 ind; tumor protein p53 inducible protein 12; MGST1-like 1; p53-induced gene 12 protein; p53-induced apoptosis protein 12; glutathione S-transferase 1-like 1; microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1; microsomal glutathione S-transferase 1-like 1; PGES; MPGES; PP102; PP1294; MGST-IV; mPGES-1; MGST1-L1; MGC10317; PGES, MPGES, PIG12, PP102, PP1294, MGST-IV, MGST1L1, TP53I12, mPGES-1, MGST1-L1; zgc:110052

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