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Official Full Name
PCI domain containing 2
PCID2 is expressed in immature and early-stage B lymphocytes and regulates expression of the mitotic checkpoint protein;MAD2 (MAD2L1; MIM 601467) (Nakaya et al., 2010 (PubMed 20870947)).
PCID2; PCI domain containing 2; PCI domain-containing protein 2; FLJ11305; CSN12 like protein; PCI domain containing protein 2; CSN12-like protein; F10; RP11-98F14.6; FLJ99362; MGC16774; DKFZp686C20226; RP11-98F14.6, DKFZp686C20226, F10, FLJ11305, FLJ99362, MGC16774, PCID2; im:6909928; wu:fa11f03; zgc:101845; ik:tdsubc_1e10; xx:tdsubc_1e10; fa11f03; tdsubc_1e10

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