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Official Full Name
Optineurin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the OPTN gene.
OPTN; optineurin; 14.7K interacting protein; Ag9 C5; ALS12; E3 14.7K interacting protein; E3-14.7K-interacting protein; FIP 2; FIP-2; FIP2; Glaucoma 1 open angle E (adult onset); Glaucoma 1 open angle E; GLC1E; HIP 7; HIP-7; HIP7; Huntingtin interacting protein 7; Huntingtin interacting protein HYPL; Huntingtin interacting protein L; Huntingtin yeast partner L; Huntingtin-interacting protein 7; Huntingtin-interacting protein L; HYPL; Injury inducible protein I 55; NEMO related protein; NEMO-related protein; NRP; Optic neuropathy inducing protein; Optic neuropathy-inducing protein; OPTN_HUMAN; TFIIIA IntP; TFIIIA-IntP; Transcription factor IIIA interacting protein; Transcription factor IIIA-interacting protein; Tumor necrosis factor alpha inducible cellular protein containing leucine zipper domains; 4930441O07Rik; NRP, FIP2, HIP7, HYPL, ALS12, GLC1E, TFIIIA-INTP; ag9-C5; fj52f04; zgc:66386; zgc:77868; wu:fj52f04; si:ch211-240l19.3

Cat.No. Product Name Price
CLOE-0254Human OPTN Insect Cell LysateInquriy

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