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Official Full Name
NK2 transcription factor related, locus 9 (Drosophila)
Homo sapiens NK2 homeobox 8 (NKX2-8) as transfection-ready DNA NM_014360.2
tinman; Nkx-2.4; 1700001P03Rik

Cat.No. Product Name Price
CDCR238334Mouse Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_001146198.1)Inquriy
CDCR245980Mouse Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_008700.2)Inquriy
CDCR245982Mouse Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_008701.2)Inquriy
CDCR247132Mouse Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_009385.3)Inquriy
CDCR249847Mouse Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_010920.2)Inquriy
CDCR256098Mouse Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_023504.1)Inquriy
CDCR297395Human NKX2 ORF Clone(NM_014360.2)Inquriy
CDCR313540Human NKX2 ORF Clone(NM_033176.1)Inquriy
CDCR318405Human NKX2 ORF Clone(NM_145285.2)Inquriy
CDCR355234Human NKX2 ORF Clone(NM_001166175.1)Inquriy
CDCR355235Human NKX2 ORF Clone(NM_001166176.1)Inquriy
CDCR373475Rat Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_001106732.1)Inquriy
CDCR374329Rat Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_001107594.1)Inquriy
CDCR376681Rat Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_001127653.1)Inquriy
CDCR377971Rat Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_013093.1)Inquriy
CDCR380456Rat Nkx2 ORF Clone(NM_053651.1)Inquriy
CDFG006675Human NKX2 cDNA Clone(NM_033176.1)Inquriy
CDFG008989Human NKX2 cDNA Clone(NM_145285.2)Inquriy
CDFG018556Mouse Nkx2 cDNA Clone(NM_001077632.1)Inquriy
CDFH012577Human NKX2 cDNA Clone(NM_001166175.1)Inquriy
CDFH012578Human NKX2 cDNA Clone(NM_001166176.1)Inquriy
CDFH012580Human NKX2 cDNA Clone(NM_003317.3)Inquriy
CDFH012582Human NKX2 cDNA Clone(NM_014360.2)Inquriy
CDFL008401Mouse Nkx2 cDNA Clone(NM_023504.1)Inquriy
CDFR006464Rat Nkx2 cDNA Clone(NM_001106732.1)Inquriy
CDFR007243Rat Nkx2 cDNA Clone(NM_001107594.1)Inquriy
CDFR009628Rat Nkx2 cDNA Clone(NM_001127653.1)Inquriy
CDFR010894Rat Nkx2 cDNA Clone(NM_013093.1)Inquriy
CDFR013369Rat Nkx2 cDNA Clone(NM_053651.1)Inquriy

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