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Official Full Name
myogenic differentiation 1
MyoD is a protein with a key role in regulating muscle differentiation. MyoD belongs to a family of proteins known as myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs). These bHLH (basic helix loop helix) transcription factors act sequentially in myogenic differentiation. MRF family members include MyoD, Myf5, myogenin, and MRF4 (Myf6).
MyoD; MYOD1; MYF3; PUM; bHLHc1; myogenic differentiation 1; myoblast determination protein 1; myf-3; myogenic factor 3; class C basic helix-loop-helix protein 1; PUM, MYF3, MYOD, bHLHc1, MYOD1; myoblast determination protein 1 homolog; MYOD1 homolog; myogenic factor 1; wu:fb57a01; zgc:136744; etID309723.25; myoblast determination 1

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