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Official Full Name
melatonin receptor 1A
This gene encodes one of two high affinity forms of a receptor for melatonin, the primary hormone secreted by the pineal gland. This receptor is a G-protein coupled, 7-transmembrane receptor that is responsible for melatonin effects on mammalian circadian rhythm and reproductive alterations affected by day length. The receptor is an integral membrane protein that is readily detectable and localized to two specific regions of the brain. The hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus appears to be involved in circadian rhythm while the hypophysial pars tuberalis may be responsible for the reproductive effects of melatonin.
MTNR1A; melatonin receptor 1A; melatonin receptor type 1A; MEL 1A R; MEL-1A-R; Mel1a melatonin receptor; Mel1a receptor; MelR; MR; MT 1; MT1; MTNR 1A; MTR1A_HUMAN; CKA; Mel-1a melatonin receptor

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