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Official Full Name
LIM homeobox transcription factor 1, beta
This gene encodes a member of LIM-homeodomain family of proteins containing two N-terminal zinc-binding LIM domains, 1;homeodomain, and a C-terminal glutamine-rich domain. It functions as a transcription factor, and is essential for the;normal development of dorsal limb structures, the glomerular basement membrane, the anterior segment of the eye, and;dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons. Mutations in this gene are associated with nail-patella syndrome. Alternatively;spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.
LMX1B; LIM homeobox transcription factor 1, beta; NPS1; LIM homeobox transcription factor 1-beta; LMX-1.2; LIM/homeobox protein 1.2; LIM/homeobox protein LMX1B; LMX1.2; MGC138325; MGC142051; LMX; LMX1; LIM/homeobox protein LMX-1.2; LIM homeobox protein; LIM/homeobox protein 1; homeobox protein LMX-1; homeodomain protein (lmx)

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