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Official Full Name
late cornified envelope 2B
This gene is one of the at least 20 genes expressed during epidermal differentiation and located on chromosomal band 1q21. This gene is involved in epidermal differentiation, and it is expressed at high levels in normal and psoriatic skin, but not in cultured keratinocytes or in any other tested cell types or tissues.
LCE2B; late cornified envelope 2B; small proline rich like (epidermal differentiation complex) 1B , SPRL1B; late cornified envelope protein 2B; LEP10; XP5; Late envelope protein 10; LCE2B_HUMAN; Skin-specific protein Xp5; Small proline-rich-like epidermal differentiation complex protein 1B; SPRL1B; small proline rich-like (epidermal differentiation complex) 1B

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