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Official Full Name
Kruppel-like factor 13
KLF13 belongs to a family of transcription factors that contain 3 classical zinc finger DNA-binding domains consisting;of a zinc atom tetrahedrally coordinated by 2 cysteines and 2 histidines (C2H2 motif). These transcription factors;bind to GC-rich sequences and related GT and CACCC boxes (Scohy et al., 2000 (PubMed 11087666)).
KLF13; Kruppel-like factor 13; Krueppel-like factor 13; BTEB3; FKLF 2; NSLP1; RFLAT 1; BTE-binding protein 3; transcription factor BTEB3; transcription factor NSLP1; Sp1 like zinc finger transcription factor; basic transcription element binding protein 3; klf13l; zgc:152886; Kruppel-like factor 13 like

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