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Official Full Name
integrator complex subunit 3
INTS3 is a subunit of the Integrator complex, which associates with the C-terminal domain of RNA polymerase II large;subunit (POLR2A; MIM 180660) and mediates 3-prime end processing of small nuclear RNAs U1 (RNU1; MIM 180680) and U2;(RNU2; MIM 180690) (Baillat et al., 2005 (PubMed 16239144)). INTS3 is also a subunit of single-stranded DNA;(ssDNA)-binding complexes involved in the maintenance of genome stability (Huang et al., 2009) (PubMed;19683501).
INTS3; integrator complex subunit 3; C1orf60, chromosome 1 open reading frame 60; FLJ21919; INT3; C1orf193; C1orf60; INT 3; SOSS complex subunit A; RP11-216N14.4; sensor of ssDNA A; OTTHUMP00000035161; OTTHUMP00000038687; OTTHUMP00000222672; sensor of ssDNA subunit A; sensor of single-strand DNA complex subunit A; SOSS-A; RP11-216N14.2; sensor of single strand DNA complex subunit A; SOSS A; FLJ44849; DKFZp686E1950; DKFZp781I1253; DKFZp686O20115; INT3, SOSS-A, C1orf60, C1orf193, RP11-216N14.2; si:dkey-27c15.2

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