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Official Full Name
insulin-like 3 (Leydig cell)
The protein encoded by this gene is an insulin like hormone produced mainly in gonadal tissues in males and females. Studies of the mouse counterpart suggest that this gene may be involved in the development of urogenital tract and female fertility. It may also act as a hormone to regulate growth and differentiation of gubernaculum, and thus mediating intra-abdominal testicular descent. The mutations in this gene may lead to, but not a frequent cause of, cryptorchidism.
INSL3; insulin-like 3 (Leydig cell); relaxin like factor , RLNL; insulin-like 3; MGC119818; MGC119819; RLF; ley-I-L; relaxin-like factor b; leydig insulin-like peptide; leydig insulin -like hormone; leydig insulin -like peptide; RLNL; RFLX; rln2; rln3c; rlx3c; si:rp71-39b20.5; relaxin 3c; rlnc; relaxin 2; relaxin family locus X; relaxin 3-like protein c

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