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Official Full Name
InaD-like (Drosophila)
This gene encodes a protein with multiple PDZ domains. PDZ domains mediate protein-protein interactions, and proteins with multiple PDZ domains often organize multimeric complexes at the plasma membrane. This protein localizes to tight junctions and to the apical membrane of epithelial cells. A similar protein in Drosophila is a scaffolding protein which tethers several members of a multimeric signaling complex in photoreceptors.
INADL; InaD-like (Drosophila); inaD-like protein; Cipp; PATJ; Channel interacting PDZ domain protein; FLJ26982; hINADL; Inactivation no after potential D like protein; INAD like; InaD like Drosophila; INAD like protein; INADL protein; PALS 1 associated tight junction protein; PALS1 associated tight junction protein; PDZ domain protein; PDZ domain protein Drosophila inaD like; Post synaptic density 95 / discs large / zonula occludens 1 domain protein; Protein associated to tight junctions; channel-interacting PDZ domain protein; PALS1-associated tight junction protein; inactivation no after-potential D-like protein; InaD-like; wu:fc76h08; si:dz129i22.4; si:busm1-129i22.4; PDZ domain

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