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Official Full Name
Mus musculus interleukin 15 receptor,alphachain DNA.
This gene encodes a cytokine receptor that specifically binds interleukin 15 (IL15) with high affinity. The receptors of IL15 and IL2 share two subunits, IL2R beta and IL2R gamma. This forms the basis of many overlapping biological activities of IL15 and
IL15RA; interleukin 15 receptor, alpha chain; interleukin-15 receptor subunit alpha; CD215; I15RA_HUMAN; IL 15R alpha; IL-15 receptor subunit alpha; IL-15R-alpha; IL-15RA; Interleukin 15 receptor alpha; Interleukin 15 receptor subunit alpha; MGC104179; sIL-15 receptor subunit alpha; sIL-15R-alpha; sIL-15RA; Soluble interleukin 15 receptor subunit alpha; Soluble interleukin-15 receptor subunit alpha; OTTMUSP00000011997; OTTMUSP00000011998; OTTMUSP00000011999; OTTMUSP00000051896; OTTMUSP00000051897; OTTMUSP00000051898; OTTMUSP00000051899; OTTMUSP00000051901; OTTMUSP00000051907; IL-15 receptor subunit al; AA690181

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