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Official Full Name
heat shock 60kDa protein 1 (chaperonin)
Heat Shock Protein 60 (HSP60) is a chaperonin with roles in mitochondrial protein import and folding of polypeptides in the mitochondrial matrix.
HSPD1; heat shock 60kDa protein 1 (chaperonin); heat shock 60kD protein 1 (chaperonin) , spastic paraplegia 13 (autosomal dominant) , SPG13; 60 kDa heat shock protein, mitochondrial; GROEL; HSP60; chaperonin 60; 60 kDa chaperonin; heat shock protein 65; P60 lymphocyte protein; mitochondrial matrix protein P1; short heat shock protein 60 Hsp60s1; HLD4; CPN60; HSP65; SPG13; HSP-60; HuCHA60; heat shock protein 60; heat shock 60 protein 1; cb863; fa04a05; fb22d10; fi27b05; sb:cb144; id:ibd2197; wu:fa04a05; wu:fb22d10; wu:fi04a12; wu:fi27b05; nbl; no blastema; heat shock 60kD protein 1 (chaperonin)

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