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Official Full Name
granzyme M (lymphocyte met-ase 1)
Human natural killer (NK) cells and activated lymphocytes express and store a distinct subset of neutral serine proteases together with proteoglycans and other immune effector molecules in large cytoplasmic granules. These serine proteases are collectively termed granzymes and include 4 distinct gene products: granzyme A, granzyme B, granzyme H, and Met-ase, also known as granzyme M.
GZMM; granzyme M (lymphocyte met-ase 1); granzyme M; LMET1; lymphocyte met ase 1; MET1; Granzyme M (lymphocyte met ase 1); GranzymeM; GZM M; HU Met 1; LMET 1; MET 1; Met 1 serine protease; Met ase; Met1 serine protease; Natural killer cell granular protease; met-ase; HU-Met-1; lymphocyte met-ase 1; Met-1 serine protease

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