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Official Full Name
glycophorin B (MNS blood group)
Glycophorins A (GYPA) and B (GYPB) are major sialoglycoproteins of the human erythrocyte membrane which bear the antigenic determinants for the MN and Ss blood groups. GYPB gene consists of 5 exons and has 97% sequence homology with GYPA from the 5 UTR to the coding sequence encoding the first 45 amino acids. In addition to the M or N and S or s antigens, that commonly occur in all populations, about 40 related variant phenotypes have been identified. These variants include all the variants of the Miltenberger complex and several isoforms of Sta; also, Dantu, Sat, He, Mg, and deletion variants Ena, S-s-U- and Mk. Most of the variants are the result of gene recombinations between GYPA and GYPB.
GYPB; glycophorin B (MNS blood group); glycophorin B (includes Ss blood group) , glycophorin B (Ss blood group) , MNS; glycophorin-B; CD235b; GPB; SS; GLPB_HUMAN; PAS-3; Sialoglycoprotein delta; SS-active sialoglycoprotein; Ss blood group; glycophorin HeP2; glycophorin MiVI; MNS; GPB.NY; HGpMiVI; GYPHe.NY; glycophorin MiX; glycophorin MiIII; HGpMiX; GpMiIII; HGpMiIII

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