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Official Full Name
frizzled class receptor 5
Members of the frizzled gene family encode 7-transmembrane domain proteins that are receptors for Wnt signaling proteins.The FZD5 protein is believed to be the receptor for the Wnt5A ligand.
FZD5; frizzled family receptor 5; C2orf31, chromosome 2 open reading frame 31 , frizzled (Drosophila) homolog 5 , frizzled 5, seven transmembrane spanning receptor , frizzled homolog 5 (Drosophila); frizzled-5; DKFZP434E2135; HFZ5; fz-5; fzE5; Wnt rec; Wnt receptor; seven-transmembrane receptor frizzled-5; frizzled 5, seven transmembrane spanning receptor; C2orf31; MGC129692; HFZ5, C2orf31, MGC129692, DKFZp434E2135, FZD5; frizzled class receptor 5; fz2; fz8c; zg02; fzd8c; Fz5; frizzled homolog 2; frizzled homolog 5; frizzled homolog 8c

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