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Official Full Name
Fibromodulin is a member of a family of small interstitial proteoglycans, containing a central region composed of leucine-rich repeats with 4 keratan sulfate chains flanked by disulfide-bonded terminal domains. It may participate in the assembly of the extracellular matrix as it interacts with type I and type II collagen fibrils and inhibits fibrillogenesis in vitro. It may also regulate TGF-beta activities by sequestering TGF-beta into the extracellular matrix.
FMOD; fibromodulin; fibromodulin proteoglycan; SLRR2E; Collagen binding 59 kDa protein; Fibromodulin precursor; Keratan sulfate proteoglycan fibromodulin; KSPG fibromodulin; FM; OTTHUMP00000034098; collagen-binding 59 kDa protein

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