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Official Full Name
Fc receptor-like B
FCRL2 belongs to the Fc receptor family. Fc receptors are involved in phagocytosis, antibody-dependent cell;cytotoxicity, immediate hypersensitivity, and transcytosis of immunoglobulins via their ability to bind immunoglobulin;(Ig) constant regions (Chikaev et al., 2005 (PubMed 15676285)).
FCRLB; Fc receptor-like B; Fc receptor like and mucin like 2 , FCRLM2; FCRL2; FCRLY; FLJ31052; FREB 2; FCRLM2; RP11-474I16.6; Fc receptor homolog expressed in B cells protein 2; Fc receptor like B; Fc receptor like mucin like 2; Fc receptor like protein 2; Fc receptor related Y; Fcry; FREB2; mFCRL2; RGD1563018; Fc receptor like 2; fc receptor-like protein 2; fc receptor-related protein Y; Fc receptor-like and mucin-like 2; fc receptor-like and mucin-like protein 2; FREB-2

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