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Official Full Name
dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase polypeptide 3
Dolichol-phosphate mannose (Dol-P-Man) serves as a donor of mannosyl residues on the lumenal side of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Lack of Dol-P-Man results in defective surface expression of GPI-anchored proteins. Dol-P-Man is synthesized from GDP-mannose and dolichol-phosphate on the cytosolic side of the ER by the enzyme dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase. The protein encoded by this gene is a subunit of dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase and acts as a stabilizer subunit of the dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase complex.
DPM3; dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase polypeptide 3; dolichol-phosphate mannosyltransferase subunit 3; MGC34275; MGC125904; MGC125905; prostin 1; prostin-1; MPD synthase subunit 3; DPM synthase complex subunit 3; mannose-P-dolichol synthase subunit; mannose-P-dolichol synthase subunit 3; dolichol-phosphate mannose synthase subunit 3; dolichyl-phosphate beta-D-mannosyltransferase subunit 3; CDG1O; zgc:73376

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