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Official Full Name
decapping mRNA 1B
DCP1B is a core component of the mRNA decapping complex, a key factor in the regulation of mRNA decay (Lykke-Andersen,;2002 (PubMed 12417715)).
DCP1B; DCP1 decapping enzyme homolog B (S. cerevisiae); mRNA-decapping enzyme 1B; FLJ31638; DCP 1B; DCP1; DCP1 decapping enzyme homolog B; Decapping enzyme Dcp1b; Decapping enzyme hDcp1b; Decapping enzyme homolog B (S. cerevisiae); hDcp1b; mRNA decapping enzyme 1B; DCP1, hDcp1b; decapping mRNA 1B; mitc1l; si:ch211-87p6none; MAD homolog 4 interacting transcription coactivator 1, like

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