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Coilin is a component of the nuclear Cajar(coiled) bodies (CBs) which are involved in the function or assembly/disassembly of nucleoplasmic snRNPs. Human coilin is a 576-amino acid protein found enriched in CBs, but is also found in large amounts in the nucleoplasm. Coilin is a constitutive phosphoprotein that is hyperphosphorylated during mitosis and it is thought that hyperphosphorylation triggers CB disassembly during cell replication. Self-interaction and localization have been shown to depend on the phosphorylation state of coilin.
COIL; coilin; p80; coilin p80; CLN80; p80-coilin; p80 coilin; CLN80, p80-coilin; wu:fb08h11

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