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Official Full Name
calcium binding protein 1
The product of this gene belongs to a subfamily of calcium binding proteins, which share similarity to calmodulin. Calcium binding proteins are an important component of calcium mediated cellular signal transduction. Expression of this gene was only detected in retina and brain. Study of the mouse homolog demonstrated that groups of cells expressing this protein are located in the center or inner border of the inner unclear layer of retina. Three alternatively spliced variants encoding different isoforms have been described.
CABP1; calcium binding protein 1; calcium-binding protein 1; calbrain; caldendrin; CABP 1; CABP1_HUMAN; Calcium binding protein 5; HCALB BR; HCALB_BR; OTTHUMP00000210617; OTTHUMP00000210618; OTTHUMP00000210619; OTTHUMP00000210620

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