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Official Full Name
bone morphogenetic protein 7
BMP-7, also known as osteogenic protein 1, is a 431 amino acid secreted protein that belongs to the TGF-beta family. It is expressed in the kidney and bladder as well as in the brain at lower levels. During embryogenesis, BMP-7 is detected in the developing eye, brain, and ear. BMP-7 is consisted of a disulfide-linked homodimer and it interacts with SOSTDC1 and TWSG1. Several N-termini starting at positions 293, 300, 315 and 316 have been identified by direct sequencing resulting in secretion of different mature forms. BMP-7 is determined to induce cartilage and bone formation. It may be the osteoinductive factor responsible for the phenomenon of epithelial osteogenesis. Moreover, BMP-7 is found to play a role in calcium regulation and bone homeostasis. It is available under the name Osigraft (Stryker) and its use is indicated in the treatment of tibial non-union of at least 9 months duration, secondary to trauma, in skeletally mature patients, in cases where autograft has failed or is unfeasible.
RP11-560A15.5, OP-1; osteogenic protein 1; BMP7; bone morphogenetic protein 7; OP 1; BMP-7; OP-1

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