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Official Full Name
BTB (POZ) domain containing 1
The C-terminus of the protein encoded by this gene binds topoisomerase I. The N-terminus contains a proline-rich region and a BTB/POZ domain (broad-complex, Tramtrack and bric a brac/Pox virus and Zinc finger), both of which are typically involved in protein-protein interactions. Subcellularly, the protein localizes to cytoplasmic bodies. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms.
BTBD1; BTB (POZ) domain containing 1; BTB/POZ domain-containing protein 1; BTB domain containing 1; BTB/POZ domain containing protein 1; BTBD 1; C15orf1; HCV NS5A transactivated protein 8; Hepatitis C virus NS5A transactivated protein 8; NS5ATP8; OTTHUMP00000190872; HCV NS5A-transactivated protein 8; hepatitis C virus NS5A-transactivated protein 8

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