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Official Full Name
basic helix-loop-helix domain containing, class B, 9
This gene is a member of a gene family which encodes proteins with a basic helix-loop-helix domain. Other members of this gene family encode proteins which function as transcription factors, either enhancing or inhibiting transcription depending on the activity of other DNA binding proteins. The coding region of this gene is located entirely within the terminal exon. The encoded protein may be involved in the survival of neurons (PMID: 15034937). Multiple alternatively spliced variants, encoding the same protein, have been identified.
BHLHB9; basic helix-loop-helix domain containing, class B, 9; protein BHLHb9; KIAA1701; p60TRP; Basic helix loop helix domain containing class B 9; BHLHB 9; p60 like protein; Transcription regulator of 60 kDa; p60-like protein

Cat.No. Product Name Price
CDCB193923Rabbit BHLHB9 ORF clone (XM_002720338.2)Inquiry
CDCG011410Human BHLHB9 ORF clone(NM_030639.2)Inquiry
CDCR235551Mouse Bhlhb9 ORF Clone(NM_001098222.1)Inquiry
CDCR276391Mouse Bhlhb9 ORF Clone(NM_198161.2)Inquiry
CDCR351423Human BHLHB9 ORF Clone(NM_001142524.1)Inquiry
CDCR351424Human BHLHB9 ORF Clone(NM_001142525.1)Inquiry
CDCR351427Human BHLHB9 ORF Clone(NM_001142526.1)Inquiry
CDCR351429Human BHLHB9 ORF Clone(NM_001142527.1)Inquiry
CDCR351430Human BHLHB9 ORF Clone(NM_001142528.1)Inquiry
CDCR351432Human BHLHB9 ORF Clone(NM_001142529.1)Inquiry
CDCR351435Human BHLHB9 ORF Clone(NM_001142530.1)Inquiry
CDCR382436Rat Bhlhb9 ORF Clone(NM_207611.1)Inquiry
CDFH001796Human BHLHB9 cDNA Clone(NM_001142524.1)Inquiry
CDFH001797Human BHLHB9 cDNA Clone(NM_001142526.1)Inquiry
CDFH001798Human BHLHB9 cDNA Clone(NM_001142525.1)Inquiry
CDFH001799Human BHLHB9 cDNA Clone(NM_001142528.1)Inquiry
CDFH001800Human BHLHB9 cDNA Clone(NM_001142527.1)Inquiry
CDFH001801Human BHLHB9 cDNA Clone(NM_001142529.1)Inquiry
CDFH001802Human BHLHB9 cDNA Clone(NM_001142530.1)Inquiry
CDFR015360Rat Bhlhb9 cDNA Clone(NM_207611.1)Inquiry
MiUTR1M-02197BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR1R-00559BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-13756BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-13757BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-13758BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-13759BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-13760BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-13761BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-13762BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry
MiUTR3H-13763BHLHB9 miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquiry

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