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Official Full Name
ankyrin 2, neuronal
Ankyrins are a family of adaptor proteins that mediate the attachment of integral membrane proteins to the spectrin-actin based membrane skeleton. Ankyrins have binding sites for the beta subunit of spectrin and at least 12 families of integral membrane proteins. This linkage is required to maintain the integrity of the plasma membranes and to anchor specific ion channels, ion exchangers and ion transporters in the plasma membrane.
ANK2; ankyrin 2, neuronal; LQT4; ANK-2; brank-2; ankyrin-2; ankyrin B; ankyrin, brain; non-erythroid ankyrin; ankyrin-2, non-erythrocytic; Brain ankyrin; long (electrocardiographic) QT syn-drome 4; DKFZp686M09125; FLJ38277; OTTHUMP00000163833; OTTHUMP00000163834; OTTHUMP00000220392; OTTHUMP00000220393; OTTHUMP00000220397; OTTHUMP00000220398; OTTHUMP00000231464; ankyrin, nonerythroid; Ankyrin-B

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