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Official Full Name
angiopoietin 1
Angiopoietin-1 is a 498 amino acid secreted protein that undergoes post-translational glycosylation. It contains 1 fibrinogen C-terminal domain. Angiopoietin-1 is found to bind and activate TIE2 receptors by inducing its tyrosine phosphorylation. It is implicated in endothelial developmental processes later and is distinct from that of VEGF. Angiopoietin-1 appears to play a crucial role in mediating reciprocal interactions between the endothelium and surrounding matrix and mesenchyme. Moreover, it mediates blood vessel maturation/stability. Angiopoietin-1 may also play an important role in early development of the heart. It may have a potential therapeutic utility since it can be used for specifically targeting tumor vasculature or for promoting angiogenic processes in certain organs such as an ischemic heart.
ANGPT1; AGP1; AGPT; ANG1; ANG-1; angiopoietin 1; angiopoietin-1; KIAA0003; wu:fc76g06

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CLOE-2779Mouse Angpt1 (His) HEK293 Cell LysateInquiry

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